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It’s about National Day. In this good time of this holiday, the theory of chaos has launched his new National Day event. What are the activities? Let’s take a look at it together

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Immediately, the National Day will be launched. In this great time of holidays, the theory of chaos has launched a new National Day event. What are the activities? Let’s take a look at the guidelines for the gameplay of the National Day event of Chaos.

Bounty Mission

Activity Time: September 29th to 24:00 on October 8th

The Hunter Union released a bounty task and brought a success The ton surprise award, the little friends come to participate!

Detailed rules:

1. After the event is opened, 9 tasks will appear randomly. Just complete the completion A horizontal or three tasks on a horizontal or column can receive the corresponding rewards. All 9 tasks are completed, and you can get an additional Extreme reward!


People can refresh the task 10 times a day;

3. If you are not satisfied with the reward, you can click refresh the reward. Each person can refresh 20 rewards per day and refresh the reward starting from the 10th time. Surprise!

4. After receiving the Evergreen reward, you can reset all tasks and rewards for free, and you can reset 10 times for free during the event period.

5. When refreshing the task, the completed tasks will no longer be refreshed, and the unfinished tasks will be refreshed;

6. When refreshing the reward, the rewards that have been received will no longer be refreshed, and it will not reach the reward, and it will not reach the reward. The rewards for receiving conditions will be refreshed.

I wish you a happy play and full gain!

Hire partner

In the future, the difficulty of challenging the difficulty of the god of war and the brave trial Hire a small partner in China! As long as the grade is poor within a certain range, you can hire random characters in other players to fight in other players. 6 people played in the battle, and the strength increased greatly. What else could be over? As long as the qualified players are online, you can hire! Of course, with your friends who are born and died, you can invite him to help even go offline. He can help him. He can help him. He can help him. It’s by your side all the time!

Hero Expedition Treasure Hunt

The cheering hero can help you find treasure hunt!

You can go Heroes of expedition! Search Feng Shui Treasures to start treasure hunting ~ But pay attention to the treasured star grade. The higher the star level, the richer the treasure. The anxious partner can also spend a certain amount of diamonds to complete. Diamonds, gold coins, physical strength, equipment, life paper …. Countless gifts are waiting for you. Treasure hunting may also be unexpectedly discovered. What are you waiting for for a large number of rewards? Come and participate ~!

Added proposal for new props:

The artifact you have entered your life! Mom againDon’t worry about my arena who was chased by the enemy.

Yuan Beast Fossil -the fossils of the ancient Yuan Beast contain the strong power of Yuan Beast. After collecting, it contributes to the guild, which greatly enhances the strength of the guild and can also obtain the blessing of the Yuan Beasts! [[[[[[[[[[[ 123]

Lights -the fruits of light god trees. The golden light balls are sweet and delicious, and the entrance is melted. It is one of the top ten extremely delicious flavors of Xiangbala, which can restore 50 points of physical strength.

Flame nectar -the honey of the flame flower that can only be opened under the breeding of magma, the amber honey juice has a magic that makes people unforgettable once, and can restore 30 points of physical strength.

Desert skewers -the most delicious ingredients in the desert -cactus, crispy bone of wind snakes, desert spider meat skewed into a bunch of barbecue, sprinkle with a bunch of specialty spices! Can’t stop at all! Restore 30 points of physical strength.

Special military grain -the military food of the gate of the underworld, the canned iron is filled with green viscous unknown liquid, exuding strange smell. A bite! Vomit … can restore 15 points of physical strength.

Frost Ningsonutaka -Matsutake that can only be produced in extremely cold environment is the top Shanzhen. You only need to add a small piece to the soup, and the fragrance can be scattered hundreds of miles … 50 points can be restored to 50 points. physical strength.

Non -Lao Spring Water -The springs of youthful and old springs in the legend are not different from ordinary spring water, but after drinking, it will not die naturally until the day of the server is closed … 50 points can be restored.

Crispy bat wings -grilled wings made of blood -sucking bat wings, which are thousands of times better than grilled chicken wings, sprinkle some peppers before eating, cigarette, chicken flavor! Restore 15 points of physical strength.

Pirate cheese -pirate special cheese, which adds some special seafood, has the umami taste that ordinary cheese does not have, and can not stop at all, and can restore 15 points of physical strength.

Ghost Liquor -The spirits as a funeral product have been brewed by the ghosts of the greedy cup and become a unique flavor of wine. Don’t try it easily! You can restore 30 points to 30 points. physical strength.

National Day cake -The fresh milk cake specially made to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the National Day, for 60 points of physical strength, you have to eat it with such a large one! You can restore 60 points of physical strength.

Five -star chocolate -special chocolate that is specially made to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the National Day, the golden five -pointed star has a strong patriotic atmosphere, but this does not cover the fact that you will get fat! Essence

National Day Treasure Box -The treasure chest specially made to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the National Day is filled with a large amount of gold coins, diamonds and 4 -star purple partner bond equipment, which requires the National Day key to open.

National Day key -the special National Day key, which is used to open the National Day treasure chest, you can get a large amount of gold coins and drillsStone and 4 -star purple partner bondage equipment.

iPhone6 fragments -the fragments of the iPhone6 on the high -end atmosphere, the collection reaches a certain number and has the opportunity to get a great surprise!

The above is the guideline of the National Day gameplay of

Name: The theory of Chaos v0.8.1.9675

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