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Let the new version open the new version plus the new mysterious partner online

The new chapter of \”Ninja\” will open, inheriting the will of fire, making the ninja world more exciting.In order to allow players to have the most authentic experience and let the will of this fire accompany

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The new chapter of \”Ninja\” will start, inheriting the will of fire, making the ninja world more exciting. In order to allow players to have the most authentic experience, let the will of the fire accompany the flying wood leaves in every corner of the ninja world, \”Ninja\” ushered in a new version. So, what kind of breakthrough does this \”tolerance\” have? The editor will immediately introduce the introduction, please invite all players to watch and cherish it.

The new version of the dirty earth Itachi is your hero

\”No matter how dark the village is, how much contradictions are, I am the Uchiha Itachi of Koba.\” I believe all likes all I like The Naruto fans of the Itachi Temple will remember this line. Uchiha Itachi’s life is full of integrity and helplessness. At the moment of its soul ascension, this sad song is destined to be forever in the ninja world. On the second anniversary of \”Benevolence\”, the new image of Itachi will also appear and return to Muye to become your most powerful partner.

Phantom functional talent

A single combat method, presumably now you can’t satisfy the appetite of all players. \”Ninja\” rescue your burnout fingers, and the manifestation function takes you into a brand new ninja world. Captain can use phantom props to disseminate partners, and the transformed partners will obtain new images, talents, and fate, and their ability will also be enhanced. The simplicity and rudeness of the magicization function makes you instantly counterattack the audience.

The fascinating fragmented star is also enlightened

Who depends on the emotionalization function of whom, how can you enter the pocket? Xiaobian is to solve doubt and answer. The captain only needs to use a certain amount of fascinating fragments to combine into a complete set of illusion. Attentive players will find that the partners after the fantasy will have a little star grade. As the star level is increased, the attachment position will be unlocked, so it is quite cost -effective to use the fascinating fragments to enhance the stars.

I only listened to the introduction of Xiaobian how to really experience the wonderful \”tolerance\”. I also hope that the captains will enter the world of \”Ninja\” to find out in person and implement their own tolerance.
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