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The ultimate summoner alliance of mobile game competition today on the entire platform public beta

\”Summoner Alliance\” today’s full platform officially opened public beta!The new version of the \”Rule of Rule\” is launched, and there will be 14 major public beta activities during the public beta.New hero

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The Summoner Alliance officially opened the public beta today! The new version of the \”Rule of Rule\” is launched, and there will be 14 major public beta activities during the public beta. The new hero and the new competition make you more exciting. The social system lets you know that it is not a person to fight alone, and immediately join the summoner team! Let’s take a look at the details together.

Today, the flagship masterpiece of touch technology and the world’s first real -time micro -competitive mobile game \”Summoner Alliance\” is officially available on the entire platform! The new version of the game \”Rule of the Battlefield\” is launched. New heroes, new systems, new skills, and new plots are waiting for you to fight. New players download the game upgrade and get 1G traffic, participate in the All-Star ladder qualifying competition, compete with the three major e-sports star spokespersons, win the qualifications of Apple devices, \”WE training camp\” enrollment, and full-service diamond rewards. Qing public beta, log in to various activities such as gifts, recharge gift packages, etc., and also have subway advertisements to play cheer cheer for all -weather, download the game immediately, experience the cool passion of summer competition!

\”Summoner Alliance\” today ’s public beta on the entire platform, 14 major events to help the array

all- STAR leads the 14th Gong testing activities, sending diamonds, sending flows, and sending 10,000 yuan apple device!

\”Summoner Alliance\” today’s public beta, all new service players can participate in ALL-Star’s large-scale events. The official and the top domestic e-sports team jointly created the \”WE training camp\”. During the event during the event from June 11th to June 17th, the first place in the game ladder ranking can be entered. Considering each other; players in front of the list at the same time can get equipment such as iPhone6 \u200b\u200bPlus, iPad mini3, Apple Watch, and thousands of yuan Jingdong Card. In addition, at 20:30 on June 12th and June 17th, game spokespersons smile, strawberry, and Erke will receive players challenge in real -time arena. Players can get diamond rewards for losing or losing a single game. If Strong strength or luck can defeat the spokesperson seven times, so each member of the player himself will get 300 diamond rewards!

\”Summoner Alliance\” challenged the ladder, real -time competition in the decisive battle, Win Gong Test Award

Play \”Summoner Alliance\”, 100%send traffic flow Waiting for calling! From June 11th to June 18th, players can get a reward of the call fees worth 10 yuan, 40 yuan and 100 yuan as long as they download the game to enter the new service and reach the designated level of the event. 100%send, how much is there!

Download the game \”Summoner Alliance\”, send 1G traffic

Of course, forPlayers who have been called and internal testing and internal testing, the official also prepared an exclusive public beta ceremony to thank you for your support and understanding from beginning to end. In the first week of the test, log in to the game daily to send diamonds, hero fragments, props, etc. The cumulative recharge and giving gifts, cumulative diamonds and sending the burning angels are the unique benefits of old service players. Massive diamonds, potions, props, and sweeping cards will make you more brave. Become your indispensable force to destroy the city.

The subway advertisement is launching gorgeous, helping the public beta comprehensive promotion

In order to welcome the public beta, the promotion of the Summoner Alliance has been fully rolled out. This time, the official purchase of the all -weather subway TV terminal advertisement during the test period, the carriage and platform can see the promotional videos of the game. At the same time, the game spokesperson smile, strawberry, and Erke will also use various methods such as participating activities and live broadcasts to publicize the public beta. The official also joined a number of platforms such as 360, UC, Xiaomi, Baidu and other platforms to hold cheering activities.

Three spokespersons of the Summoner Alliance to help out of public beta

New hero, new competition, real -time battle is more exciting and more convenient

In order to enhance the combat and strategic experience, \”Summoner Alliance\” made many major updates this time. The game updates the three heroes, the snowman riders, and the fishing hunter today, and are good at group physical attacks, auxiliary and magic damage, and strong attributes, making you more ease when the troops are arranged. At the same time, the \”heroes are coming\” gameplay is launched for players to challenge the hero to get more rewards; the summoner adds AOE skills to help you clear the level; there are many optimizations in the arena, and the first victory reward is open. Get more.

Screenshot of the three new heroes of the Summoner Alliance

\”Copy Copy of the Summoner Alliance\” Upgrade to \”Hero Strikes\”

Social systems are fully launched. You are not alone in battle

As the public beta is open, more and more summoners have joined to join to the addition In the battle against dark forces and saving the peace of the mainland. In this process, you will meet your confidant, opponents, or a group of like -minded brothers. The newly launched guild system and a friend system will help you maintain these valuable relationships. Friends can send physical strength and friendship points between friends to get more challenges and tavern draws; the guild has complete functions, both PVE BOSS battles, as well as PVP’s guild resource plunder war, more high battle, richer in the battle, richer In the reward, everyone has worked together to contribute to the development and growth of the guild!

\”Summoner Alliance\” guild resource plunder war gameplay

The Summoner Alliance today ’s public beta on the entire platform, the game content is new, the 14 major activities are interesting and powerful, and the reward is unprecedented.Now download the game quickly, join the summoner’s team, play real real -time competition, win Apple digital, up to G traffic, and massive diamonds!

The world’s first real -time micro -competitive mobile game \”Summoner Alliance\” today’s public beta

Name: Summoner Alliance v1.5.01

Size: 135.9M download: http://www.pc6.com/azyx/136347.html \u0026#8205;

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