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walmart arcade-Last Ninja: Running Fight vs Shadow Monsters Mod APK

Last Ninja: Running Fight vs Shadow Monsters Mod APK【walmart arcade】:You are the Last Surveved Ninja

walmart arcade-Last Ninja: Running Fight vs Shadow Monsters Mod APK


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You are the Last Surveved Ninja! Defend your home by fighting against the invasion of dangerous evil shadow monsters!
Throw deadly shurikens, avoid dangerous obstacles, run on vertical walls and do everything to survive in this incredibly difficult exciting fight! ⚔️
Only you, the Real Ninja, can win in this fight against the invasion of dangerous shadow monsters!
This addictive and interesting game will excite you a lot!


/﹋\ Σ(◣_◢メ) Σ(Ò﹏Óメ)
(҂`_´) Σ(▼□▼メ)
<,▬ι══════ﺤ Σ(′﹏′メ)
/﹋\ Σ(Ò﹏Óメ)


Fight the hordes of various shadow monsters using your deadly ninja skills!
Kill the evil shadow monsters, gain experience and activate unique superpower, which allows you to repeatedly increase the speed of movement and the power of the last survived Ninja!
Improve the look of your Ninja by buying colorful skins!
Survive as long as possible and set a new record that only a real ninja can do!
Dynamic change of the beautiful graphic design in the game!
Extremely convenient control, designed specifically for mobile touch screens. The game interface is completely devoid of buttons! (Except for a pause)
Unique graphic style of interface elements for each ninja skin!
Small size of the game. Only 20 MB!

Tap on screen to jump
Tap on screen when flying to throw a shuriken

Brief definition
Last Ninja: Running Fight vs Shadow Monsters is a real ninja dash game, where you need to dash through all the evil shadow monsters just to survive. This is an addictive arcade experience, where you need to show all your skills as a player to fastly react on all situation happening in the game. Just Jump & dash like a shadow, but remember to not touch the spikes? because they are very sharp even for the Epic Assassin Hero Ninja. The main rule is To Be a super hero ninja, not to be a clumsy ninja. A true hero ninja warrior won’t give up easily, he will rebirth and get your ninja revenge to all evil shadow monsters. Collect different powerups, kill evil enemies and activate the unique epic superpower, which allows you to become a legendary warrior with higher speed and power. Your goal is just to keep this huge speed and react on different obstacles. Dash like a shadow as a legendary warrior and ninja assassin. Escape from dangerous situations using ninja dash skills, super speed & ninja jump. Your ability is the main weapon here! Perform amazing ninja dash trick and be the super hero. Don’t miss this most addictive superhero ninja shadow game. Share the game records with your friends and see who’s the best ninja dash assassin warrior hero. Get ready for the free action game, download today for free and start your journey of becoming assassin ninja warrior hero right now!
Bug Fixes

Category: ArcadePublisher: RainstudiodevRequirements: Andriod 5.0+Publish Date: 12/07/2022




Requirements:Andriod 5.0+

Publish Date:12/07/2022

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Fast download

Fast Download : Download this app by PlayMods App with faster speed.

Ordinary download

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